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Winter is on its way. The nights are getting longer and the breeze brings a chill to your skin. As Aspen dwellers, we know the importance of preparing for the frostier conditions. ZG Limo Services is your source for chauffeur services between Pitkin County and DIA. We specialize in private transportation for winter conditions. Don’t worry about the transportation aspect, we have that covered! Your focus should be on your business trip, vacation, or anything in between. ZG Limo Services wants you to have the best experience, and so we have compiled a few quick tips to aid in winter traveling:


Proper planning is of vital importance for any trip. We recommend you set any plans of vacation into action early. The sooner you book, the more economical your trip will be. Pushing the booking of a trip out and procrastinating can lead to a lack of availability. You may be planning a big trip the week before Christmas, only to find that the hotels are all booked! When the time does draw near, remember to be watchful of weather conditions. Our limo service includes 4×4 SUVs for tackling adverse road conditions, but all of the planning and packing will be for naught if your flight doesn’t make it. Checking weather patterns and snow conditions for your arrival destination can make the difference between a wonderful trip and a frustrating disaster!


With almost 180 inches of annual snowfall, Aspen falls into a heavy precipitation zone. Bringing the right gear with you can make life much more enjoyable. Having a list of items is a quick, organized way to make sure nothing is left sitting on the counter back home! For people coming for our epic skiing conditions, a list would include:

  • Regular clothes. This includes outside and inside wardrobes; Hoodies, jeans, shoes, pajamas.
  • Snow clothes. Protecting yourself from the elements is important, and bringing winter socks, water-resistant shells, gloves and scarves will make life much better. Dressing in layers is as important as you think! Thermal underwear and base layers will be the key to proper temperature management.
  • Gear. For simplicity, we include all gear here. Your skis, poles, and helmet can all be considered a must. However, don’t forget sunscreen, chapstick, and any other items that are needed for your comfort.

Coming to Aspen prepared will make all the difference in your experience! With an overall average annual temperature of 42 degrees Fahrenheit, bringing the cold weather gear is always a smart move.


As has been a theme of this blog, we want you to enjoy your time here! Life can be hectic and often stressful. Our skilled drivers and spacious, snow-capable vehicles will take the worry of transportation out of your planning equation. Aspen has a plethora of sites and activities to take in and we strive to bring you to these places in comfort and style!

ZG Limo Services is your top choice for chauffeur services in the Aspen area. From airport transportation to local driving services, we offer services through our expertise and professionalism. We promise prompt, reliable service for your convenience. Contact us today to see how we can maximize your experience!