When people come to Aspen, many of them originally come for the world-class skiing, but it’s not long before they discover there are so many other amazing things to see and do in the Aspen area. Whether you are a seasoned skier or a first-time visitor to the area, our limo service in Aspen can recommend some new sites and experiences that are perfect for your next adventure. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite recommendations, all available just a short ride away from your hotel in one of our incredible limos or town cars!

Our Top Five Recommendations in the Aspen Area

dreamstime_xxl_45803432Silver Queen Gondola

Located in the heart of Aspen, this gondola takes you on a breathtaking journey to the top of Aspen mountain. It’s a great way to take in all of the natural beauty of the surrounding area and give you a bird’s eye view of Aspen. We highly recommend this site to those visiting Aspen off-season, as it is the perfect way to see the mountain when you aren’t skiing on it in the summer.

Crater Lake Trail

If you are in the mood for some outdoor activity, this trail is the perfect day hike for families. If you want to leave early, our cars can take you directly to Maroon Lake where you’ll start your adventure. Later starts will need to go in by bus, but our cars will deliver you safely to the bus and can pick you up afterwards, too. The views of the trail are some of the best in Colorado, and if you bring a picnic you can enjoy it by the lake.

Wheeler Opera House

This is the perfect destination for anyone craving a bit of culture during their trip to Aspen. Built in 1889, the opera house has been home to world-class performances for over 100 years. Although there is plenty of opera done at the performance hall to suit any opera lover, that’s not all that you’ll find. Short films, film fests, local theater groups and more find their way onto the stage. Book your tickets and one of our cars for a very special night out!

dreamstime_xxl_12468183Aspen Center for Environmental Studies

If you are fascinated by the wildlife in Aspen, this is one place you must visit. The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) has four locations in the area where they work to educate both children and adults about being good stewards of the environment around them. They offer programs including hikes, opportunities to see wildlife (such as birds of prey) up close, and even a beaver-spotting walk. They even offer farm tours and farm-to-table events where participants can enjoy food fresh from an Aspen-area farm. Our limo service can deliver you and your family to any of their locations for their next event!

Ashcroft Ghost Town

Looking for something a little spookier? Ashcroft was once a thriving mining town, but when the silver ran out, the people left. Today, the buildings of this once-prosperous mining town still sit, ready for adventurous explorers. There are site tours throughout the summer where you can learn more about the town and some of the buildings still standing there, including the post office and old saloon.

Our Aspen Limo Service is Ready to Take You on Your Adventure!

Wherever you want to go in the Aspen area, our limo service is ready to get you there. Our comfortable cars and knowledgeable drivers will help you make the most of your time in Aspen by providing you with world-class service and hassle-free transportation. Give us a call or contact us through our website to book your private car during your Aspen vacation!